How to Make Urea Molasses Straw (UMS)

Urea Molasses Straw (UMS) : A side effect free and profitable method for fresh cows

Eid Ul Azha is coming forward. Every one is busy making fresh cows. Some farmer brothers are refreshing cows in a completely organic way without giving any harmful ingredients to the cows. According to me, farmers themselves has been refreshing cows for 6-12 months, doesn’t provide harmful hormones or ingredients for refreshing cows. Then who are providing hormones or harmful ingredients for refreshing cows within less time? Most of them are wholesalers.

Those who roam around the villages and buy cattles directly a few days before the Eid Ul Azha. Then various kinds of hormones and harmful ingredients are provided for refreshing cows then brought to the Eid Bazar. This is why buying cows just before the Eid Ul Azha is the most wise. Refreshing cows is also possible without urea. I’m doing it in a little amount, result is quite good.

However, many brothers are interested in Urea Molasses Straw. It is a very beneficial method. This method was discovered by BLRI in year of 1992. A certain dose of straw, urea and molasses (80:2:15) will produce more good results. It is acceptable by BLRI.

How to make UMS (Urea Molasses Straw) : Cut off the dry straw and lay it on the floor. The sprinkle urea and molasses water mixture on the straw. Along with that the solution should be changed so that the solution does not absorb. Thus the cracks should be prepared at levels and sprinkled with mixed urea and molasses. It is to be remembered that this straw can’t be kept for more than 3days, and in the first place, giving too much UMS can cause a great deal of damage to the cow.

Cows more than 12 months should be provided with UMS. Proportional rate of different elements :

1. Straw : 10 kg, water : 7-8 liters,

molasses : 2.10 -2.40 kg,

Urea : 0.30 kg.

Straw : 40 kg,

water : 25 -30 liters,

Molasses : 10.50 – 12 kg,

Urea : 1.50 kg Cautions : At this particular dose,

if the quantity of urea, straw and molasses is low, then no desirable result will be obtained and it is risky.

So work has to be done slowly and knowingly. It is very important to use this ratio properly. According to the research of BLRI, a cow increasing weight 300 kg provided with UMS along with grains daily 700gm to 900gm increases in weight. Similarly, for milking cows, more 1 liter milk was produced by providing 1.05kg grains.

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