How to make Silage


How to make silage


1. To reduce the food costs.

2. To reduce the management costs.

This business can be benefited by reducing the food costs. Can anyone tell how much money it costs daily behind a cow weighing 300- 350 kg ? I know the calculation you will give will not match many people’s calculation. The answer is 80 taka. Now you would naturally want an account. I want you to calculate. I’ll just tell you the processing of silage & rules for feeding.

Q. Why is it important, for whom is it very essential ?

A. It is not possible to gain profit only by feeding grains for fatty & healthy cows. It is very important to have grass to get healthy cows at low costing. So it can be seen that for 12 months grass cannot be supplied or cultivated due to floods or lack of adjoining high places. It is seen that, 6 months grass feeding is possible & rest 6 months not.

When it is not possible to feed grass, the cost is increased when grains and cocoons are fed.

Yes they must process silage. 6 months will easily go with the silage of grass & maize. In overseas, where there is hostility in weather , their cattle farms are sewed like this.

Processing of silage : Tons of tons of grass, hay, maize trees cut into small pieces like pictures and stored in a certain place for months to feed is the processing of SILAGE. First cut off the grass, straw and corn tree of 65-70 days. The corns should be as if the grains are to be soft. Then by the help of machine, it can be stored in the following ways by mixing small pieces of grass, corns together.

1. Insert it in the drum well and close the lid to keep it air tight.

2. Digging underneath the ground, placing thick polythene and pressing it tightly and closing the lid to keep it air tight.

3. An air-tight room, with tightly pressed polythene, allows the air to be tightened. When it need to be fed, get it out of here.

However, due the high humidity of weather in our country, open space with polythene if sealed with silage, about 10%-15% food is inappropriate due to the wind entering.

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