How to Register

If you have a Cattle farm and agreed the terms and conditions, you can apply for membership of BDFA. The Registration process are as follows:

    1.  At first you to pay the admission fees Tk. 500 and Registration fees Tk. 1000 to the Personal Bkash no: 01311-626679 or 01720-235202
    2.  Keep NOTE the Bkash Transaction ID no and the sender mobile number.
    3.  GO to the Registration Form and follow the instruction as given there. Don’t forget to put the Bkash Transaction ID no and sender mobile no in the form.
    4.  You have to fill up all the mandatory fields in the registration form. Untill and unless you complete this the form will not be accepted.
    5. After complete Registration form, BDFA central committee shall verify and issue a membership card within 15 days of apply.

Registration Full Process