About BDFA

Bangladesh Dairy Farmers’ Association (BDFA)

Inauguration- March 2017

Bangladesh Dairy Farmers’ Association (BDFA) is a pioneer organization working for the overall development of dairy farmers in Bangladesh.It was decided in 2016 that in Bangladesh Dairy Farmers’ Association (BDFA) is needed to work for the well being for the dairy farmers in the country. Rakibur Rahman Tutul owner of the Nahar Agro – Chittagong and Mohammad Shah Emran owner of Swapno Dairy – Mymensingh called farmers on the date of 19th February, 2016 at the place of Bangabandhu International Convention Center, West Agargaon, Dhaka. Consequences of this meeting at the month of March 2017 a 5 member Convener Committee was formed which in turn made 27 member of functional committee of the Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association. The name of the 5 Convener member was:

  1.  Rakibur Rahman Tutul – Nahar Agro (Chittagong),
  2.  Mohammed Imran Hossain – Sadeeq Agro (Mohammadpur),
  3.  Abdus Samad Alim – American Dairy Ltd (Gazipur),
  4.  Ali Azam Rahman Shibly – AL-Aiman Agrovet (Sirajgonj),
  5.  Mohammad Shah Emran – Swapno Dairy (Mymensingh).

On this short span of time BDFA organized much training for new and existing farmers in different districts of the country to improve their knowledge and efficiency. BDFA have a long vision for the development of dairy sector in this country. It’s a non profitable, nonpolitical organization in the country. BDFA Lead farmers not only in the context of improving their living and financial development but also contribute the livestock sector by working with the Govt. Policies and strategies for long lasting sustainable growth. BDFA accumulate dairy farmers and guide them how to make their farm profitable, sell milk and meat products efficiently in the market. BDFA own dairy farmers problems and try to solve issues by discussing with different stakeholders of the country. BDFA publishes technical books on dairy farming and animal nutrition to provide ready made information. It organizes International Dairy Show, Projeni Show and Exhibition every year to motivate the farmers to keep good quality animals and to bring the scientists, companies and farmers at a single platform.